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Loom is Now Available in Jira

Building great products and delivering excellent customer service is challenging and complex, but video helps simplify the back and forth of product feedback and customer requests. Showing a bug is easier than describing it. And showing a customer what to do by recording your screen to troubleshoot an issue is faster than typing.

Loom integration with Jira
Loom in Jira

Now, you can record a Loom video right inside of Jira and Jira Service Desk without switching tabs or breaking your workflow. The best part? If you already have Loom’s Chrome Extension, you don’t need to install anything.

Bring Jira issues to life with video

Ever add an issue to an epic and start typing, only to stop and think, “I should record a Loom instead” … ? Now, you can start recording right where you are. When you’re done, quickly preview and click insert, without ever leaving Jira. No more tab switching to grab your Loom link. Just click record, stop, and insert. Job done.

‍Using Jira for design projects? Loom paired with Jira is great for collaborating on design. Just record your screen with verbal commentary and give feedback in context, all while staying in Jira.

‍See it in action.

Resolve issues faster in Jira Service Desk

‍If you’re a customer support or IT service desk professional, you face a constant influx of tickets you need to close quickly while maintaining customer satisfaction. Every minute counts. With Loom, you can deliver on both.

‍Quickly demonstrate how to install that new piece of software, or the trick to a common email issue. You’ll be more efficient and your customers, happier. It’s a win-win.‍

Here’s a quick demo.

Get started with Loom + Jira‍

If you already have Loom’s Chrome Extension installed, you’re good to go. Just open Jira Cloud or Jira Service Desk Cloud, and you’ll see the “Record a Loom” button when creating or responding to an issue. 

If you don’t have our Chrome Extension, it only takes a minute to install.

Download the Loom Chrome Extension

Because the integration is completely powered by our Chrome Extension, you can rest assured it does not access additional data or information from Jira or Jira Service Desk.

For more information see our Help Article.


Apr 6, 2020

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  • Julia Szatar

    Manager, Product Marketing