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Why People Choose Loom

  • Get started recording with a few clicks
  • Share videos easily using an instantly-generated link
  • Record in up to 1080p resolution
  • Drive user engagement with comments and emoji-reactions
  • Upload videos to your Loom HQ library
  • Take Loom on the go with iOS and Android apps

More than 21 million people across 200,000 companies choose Loom

Record your screen or camera

Using Loom, you can record both your screen and camera in high definition, at the same time. Whether you’re running through a presentation, or adding context to a high-concept pitch, you can do it with Loom.

Record in up to 1080p resolution. If you’re looking to record in 4k, we recommend downloading our Loom Desktop app for Mac and Windows.

Download The Loom Chrome Extension

Start recording in seconds with our free chrome extension.

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Share videos instantly

The moment you’re done recording, Loom has a video link ready for you to share. Instead of waiting on buffering, processing, or rending, Loom lets you share videos anywhere — instantly. Simply copy the link to your clipboard to share or embed your video.

You can fit all the power of Loom into your pocket. Download Loom’s Android or iOS apps to record, review, and interact with videos on your phone. Using Loom’s mobile apps, you can record with a click.

Drive user engagement

Give your audience the power to react the way they feel. Loom viewers can leave timestamped comments and emoji reactions so you can see which part of your video made an impact. If a viewer has a question or comment, they can even post a Loom in reply.

And whether you’re sharing a video with a wide audience, or sending a video update meant for your team's eyes only, Loom puts you in charge of privacy settings. Choose which videos you’d like to be public, and which you’d like to password-protect. If your video isn’t quite ready for primetime, you can always download it to your computer for later upload.

Video hosting simplified

Loom is so much more than a Chrome Screen Recorder. You can also use Loom as a video hosting solution. Using Loom HQ you can upload recordings of Zoom meetings and more to build a content hub for your team.

Use Loom’s video tags and video folders to keep your videos organized and make sure your teammates can easily find what they’re looking for. Categorizing and tagging content helps companies capture and organize the foundational knowledge they need to help other teammates get started, or level up their skills.

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