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Get more out of Loom with the iOS app

Every day, millions of people use their mobile devices to send videos as a fast and fun way to communicate. With Loom for iOS, we’re bringing that same powerful experience to the workplace. Now you can now record your screen, camera, and voice on your iPhone or iPad to quickly get your message across. Whether you need to show something on your screen or just want to send a thank you message to a customer, Loom for iOS opens up exciting new possibilities — no matter where you are.

Loom for iOS is here

For some, Loom’s mobile experience might be the primary way they interact with the product. For others, it’ll be a great option to send a quick message or watch a video when not at their desk. Our aim is to serve a broad range of needs and be a valuable tool for communicating through video, wherever you may be. 

Our work here is far from over, but this is a big first step that we’re excited to share with you. Below we’ve highlighted some of the key features and tips for using Loom for iOS.  

Provide feedback on mobile products

If you already use Loom to record bugs and share feedback, you’ll now have that same great experience on your iPhone and iPad. Quickly record your screen and share your feedback, talk through an issue, and get to a solution faster. 

Because Loom saves to the cloud and is shared with a link, you don’t have to download or upload video files that hog up space! It’s the fastest way to record and send a video from your mobile device.

Here’s an example of a Product Manager giving feedback to the designers of a mobile app.

Demo mobile apps and workflows

Need to show a teammate or a customer how to do something on mobile? With Loom, you can record your screen and use the audio capabilities to talk people through the steps they need to take. 

These videos are a great way to supplement your support knowledge base!

Use Loom for iOS to walk other iOS users through a series of steps on their devices.

On-the-go video messages 

Not only is Loom for iOS a great way to record your device’s screen, but you can also capture video through your camera. 

Our team uses video messages as a faster alternative to typing out a long email on a tiny keyboard. These quick videos are a great way to thank a teammate, share an idea, or send an update when you’re away from your desk. 

Need to send an introduction? Loom makes it far more personal than sending an email, and the iOS app lets you take care of it in a snap!

A video library that goes with you

Loom for iOS makes it easy to go back to the videos you recently watched, those shared with you, or any other videos in your library. It’s a convenient way to catch up on team updates, customer videos, or review content without going to your computer.

Video library on a tablet

What’s next?

We’re working hard to bring our mobile apps to the Android platform. We don’t have a timeline to share just yet, but you can register for updates here

We’ll also be shipping more features and functionality to the iOS apps that you see on desktop, giving you more ways to create videos on mobile while improving the viewing experience.

Get Loom for iOS here.


Apr 28, 2020

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