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Workplace Video Hosting on Loom HQ

Upload, categorize, and share all your videos in one place. Loom HQ is the home for all of your workplace video content.

More than 21 million people across 200,000 companies choose Loom

Build a Tight Knit Workplace

Loom HQ helps organizations stay connected with video hosting. Now there’s a unified home for your company’s videos, all within the Loom platform you already know and love.

A home for your company’s videos

No more hunting and gathering for content. Bring everything together in one placed with Loom HQ.

Anyone at your company can upload new videos or search to find existing videos, saving everyone time and hassle.

Scale knowledge to work smarter as a team. Post helpful videos for the entire company, record once and watch hundreds of times.

Soon you’ll be able to automatically import Zoom videos directly into Loom HQ. One less thing to worry about.

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Video Hosting Features

  • Record, upload, and store unlimited videos inside your Loom HQ
  • Use Loom’s Desktop App to record videos in 4k resolution
  • Folders help keep your videos organized
  • Keep your entire organization up to speed with a unified video system of record
  • Search by title, person, tag, or any word in the transcript.

Free Video Hosting Service

Upload an unlimited amount of videos inside Loom HQ without worrying about bandwidth charges, everything is covered for you. Loom HQ is the best video hosting platform for work.

Need to build a training library for new hires? Want to document best practices for internal tools?

Loom HQ is your one place to collect, organize, and share videos at work.

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Build Culture & Connection

You’re more than a static profile photo.

Video can build connections in ways that text simply can’t. By hearing your tone of voice, inflection, and watching your facial expressions, your team can better know you.

Work content shouldn’t be like an Instagram highlight reel. Work life is full of bloopers, mistakes, and oopsies that make us human.

Go ahead, post a silly video to Loom HQ. Share it with your team.

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